Appealing to the Masses

The new Instagram surprisingly led me to some general realizations about life and society. If you hadn’t heard, Instagram, previously a social media app used for photos, is now also allowing its users to post videos. I don’t like this. I don’t like change. I have a separate app for posting videos and I like my compartmentalized life and iPhone applications. Along this same line of incorporating new ideas into old things, Facebook is now using hashtags. I don’t like that either. I know these companies are trying to make themselves more relevant and appeal to the masses but by trying to appeal to everyone they aren’t making themselves unique. 


The rant part of this blog relates to my life when I realize that I don’t and never really have fit in anywhere. I used to struggle with that and get down on myself about it (blah, blah, feelings, whatever) but now that I’m a little older I realize that no one fits in, because what is “fitting in?” If anything, it’s conforming to what other people want/expect and not being true to yourself. I don’t want to be that, I don’t want to be the modified Instagram/Facebook trying to appeal to the masses. I’d rather be YouTube or Vine or something that does one thing and does it well. 


That was my rant, also, I’ve deleted my Instagram and my Twitter. I’m keeping Facebook because just about every family member I have is on there and I can’t bring myself to leave just yet.

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